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The Prize intends to award a work of particular excellence in the domain of the Philosophy of Science, whether regarding general epistemological problems or particular scientific areas. The 2017 prize was awarded to Emily Rolfe Grosholz, Professor of Philosophy, African American Studies and English, and a member of the Center for Fundamental Theory / Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos at the Pennsylvania State University.

The recipient of the Prize is requested to deliver an original public lecture that will be published by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and to conduct a program of specialized seminars for students and researchers in Portugal on the occasion of the Prize ceremony.

The prize will be awarded in march 25th 2020.


The Prize was launched as a joint initiative of the Portuguese government, represented by the FCT, Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, and FCG, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

The Fernando Gil International Prize, initially awarded annually (2010 and 2011), is now awarded every two years, in Lisbon.

The amount to be paid to the laureate will be 75.000,00 € (seventy-five thousand euros).


The call for nominations opens on 24 September to 15 February 2019. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Only original and recent works of a single author, from any nationality or professional affiliation, published during the five previous years will be taken into consideration (2014-2018).

Nominations to the Fernando Gil International Prize for Philosophy of Science should be sent to premio-filosofia@fernando-gil.org.pt.

Nominations should include the following elements:

  • The complete publication data regarding the nominated work;
  • A critical review of the work giving reasons why it can be considered as worthy of the prize (500 words);
  • A brief comment of the author biography (500 words);
  • E-mail address of the nominated author.

Nominations from the nominees themselves cannot be accepted.

The authors will be contacted by FCT to provide a paper copy and a pdf of the nominated work, in order to be evaluated by the Jury.

The required elements above are condition of acceptance of nominations.

Award committee

  • David Corfield, Department of Philosopy, University of Kent
  • François Duchesneau, Département de Philosophie, Université de Montréal
  • Frederik Stjernfelt, Department of Communication and Psychology , The Faculty of Humanities, Aalborg University Copenhagen
  • Jean Lassègue, CNRS, Centre Georg Simmel, EHESS
  • Maria Filomena Molder, Departamento de Filosofia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  • Niccolo Guicciardini, Dipartimento di Filosofia "Piero Martinetti", Università degli Studi di Milano
  • Olivier Darrigol, CNRS/Université Denis Diderot
  • Ricardo Lopes Coelho, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa
  • Rui Moreira, Centro de Filosofia das Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa
  • Sofia Miguéns, Instituto de Filosofia Faculdade de Letras, Universidade do Porto
  • Wenceslao J Gonzalez, Department of Humanities, University of A Coruña